Most business owners believe that search engine marketing is SEO or search engine optimization. This is a mistake. A large portion of search engine marketing is link building.

Link building is the process of building links to your website. If your business is new, this is important to you. If you’re already established, this is critical. If you’re not sure, use a SEO expert.

In order to be successful on the Internet, you must be an SEO or search engine marketing expert. Not all people know about link building. Some people don’t even know what SEO is. While some may know about the basics, most do not.

However, it is a fairly simple concept and if you take the time to learn, SEO or search engine marketing is extremely simple. It is the process of building links to your website that creates traffic, clicks, and more conversions.

Link building is the process of creating, managing, and optimizing websites that link to your own site. The SEO process is the most popular way to get links to your website. SEO is also the process that is used by most people who are building a business online.

Link building requires several elements in order to be successful. You will need a website or blog that you can own and control. This is important for the reason that there are some companies out there that will just sell your link to others. It is important to have control of your link.

Next, you want to gain traffic. Traffic is the number one way to promote a business online. The traffic that you gain will be natural, meaning that it is organic, meaning that it comes to your site as opposed to a paid for link. Organic traffic is a must for any business owner. If your business is not gaining traffic, you are not doing anything right.

The next element of link building is to create an online presence. This means that you should have a website or blog. Having a website will help build a foundation that will allow you to generate traffic. Having a blog is a good idea but not necessary. Creating a blog is free to do, so it is something that many business owners do every day.

The final element of link building is to build links. Link building will create link directories and, thus, link back links. The link is the “key” to your success. Think of link building like buying a product at a retail store. You don’t buy a product just because it is in the store.

Once you find a high quality link, you will need to do one more thing. Link building also requires that you add links to your blog. Just like the link directory, these links are not simply used to direct traffic to your site. If your site has a great product, good content, and a solid history, the potential for a back link to your site is huge.

The last part of link building is to promote your links. No matter how great your site is, without links, you will not succeed. The only way to attract attention to your site is to advertise your link with banner ads, text links, and more.

SEO or link building is the process of building links to your site. This is the process that is most important to your business. This is the process that will help get your site found and grow.