SEO is the most common term people associate with Search Engine Marketing. What SEO refers to is promoting a website to be placed on a search engine. It is the process of obtaining or constructing links from other websites in order to gain popularity and search engine ranking for a website.

For example, when a search engine analyzes a website, it looks at the keywords or key phrases that are used within the content on the website. The keyword analysis tool looks for these keywords and then ranks the sites based on the number of searches that result from the keywords the site is linked to.

A very important aspect of SEO is linking. This is what results in a website to gain and maintain a higher search engine ranking.

While SEO does not directly address link building, it is one aspect of link building. Link building is the process of writing and posting links to another website. Link building is an effective way to increase traffic and helps to build popularity for your website.

Links are beneficial in two different ways. First, by obtaining as many links pointing to your website, your website becomes more visible and also increases the chances of getting indexed by a search engine. To ensure that your site receives many links, it is imperative that you do the following:

o When you make a post, try to include the site’s name in the title. Make sure that you include the site’s name and not just the page name. Having all of the information in the title makes it easier for the site to find when it comes time to link to your site.

o Always include the site’s URL when you place the link. In addition, you should not use “www.” when referring to the URL. Use “http” instead.

o Do not abuse your links. Try to stay away from spamming. Many links can be damaging if abused.

o Make sure that any links that point to your website are updated frequently. It is very easy to assume that these links are already up to date but this is not the case. You want to make sure that these are up to date so that they will show up as valuable information when a searcher searches the site.

o Check, the official website of Yahoo! Answers to determine if your links are up to date. These backlinks are very helpful in ranking.

o Use correct spelling and punctuation on your links. If possible, use the same spelling and punctuation to create one link. If you do not follow this, it may cause confusion for a searcher.

These tips should help ensure that your link building is beneficial. It is very difficult to place a high amount of link to a website and promote it to get a high SEO ranking. However, it is much easier to gain links than to lose them.